Sunday, 25 May 2014

Think outside the square.. Feature fridge....

We all have an item around the home that still works or is too expensive to replace but unfortunately it has grown tired and no longer suits your style.. 

Why not think out side the square and give it a revamp!! 

This week on Jode Designs we will go through 5 different items around the home and we will show you a few ways to make something that looks tired and cluttered to look brand new once again.. Enjoy..

The first item is an absolute essential piece to every home.. And one that you can actually use for years on end.. The Refrigerator.. 

IDEA ONE: Use removable wall paper.. 
There are so many great patterns to choose from in wallpaper these days.. Removable wall paper is a plastic base so it is so easy to put on stainless steel etc.. 
And if you change your mind in a year or two then just peel it off and do it again with another pattern!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA TWO: Paint it with chalkboard paint..
I, myself, have a little obsession with chalkboard paint so I love this idea.. 
It is great for writing grocery lists, appointments, things to do or even cute messages to your hubby and kids!! And you can get coloured chalkboard paint now so the options are endless!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA THREE: Paint it..
Bet you have thought of this idea before.. then paused and thought 'WHERE DO I BEGIN'.. 'WHAT TYPE OF PAINT DO I USE'.. 'OH THIS SEEMS TO HARD'.. then walked away.. right? Well here is some great detailed step-by-step instructions which will have your fridge looking like new in now time.. PS Don't you just love that turquoise colour?! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA FOUR: Place your photos on it..
This is a very simple yet very affective idea.. You could put your 'old favourites' photos up or change them often depending on the seasons of you life.. Go for colour photos to brighten up your kitchen of choose black and white to make it more modern.. Your fridge will become the talking piece rather then a box where you store food!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA FIVE: Put a decal on it..
If you don't want to totally transform your fridge but still want to revamp it, why not put a wall decal on it.. There are so many to choose from these days.. From the Eiffel Tower.. to scripted quotes..chalkboard sections.. or comedy ones to get a laugh..  They are easy to apply and are also removable.. If you are feeling very inventive why not paint your fridge like in IDEA THREE then put a decal on for the extra WOW factor.. Enjoy..

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