Tuesday, 13 May 2014

DIY Week.. What to do with wood..

Plant a tree.. Watch it grow.. Cut it down.. and build something!!
Wood has so many uses.. just look around your house and you will see.. So since its not a material in short demand (or expensive) why not get the creative juices flowing and make something unique for your home..

A little furniture to start you off.. How cool are these Zip Stitch chairs?! I know at first you are thinking 'Thats crazy!!!' but if you think about it, it is only plywood and zip ties.. and what a great taking piece for your home.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

How stylish are these wooden hanging shelves.. Made from wooden planks and leather belts or rope.. they could be hung in all rooms of the house including the garage.. Great space for decorater items or storage.. They would also suit an outdoor deck with plants.. Such a simple idea with so many uses.. Enjoy..

Clink on the links for instructions..

Here is something for the ladies (or for men to build the ladies :-)) Jewellery is one of the hardest items to keep from tangling and getting lost so why not make a great jewellery holder from wood.. These two ideas can be so easily created to suit your own personal style and are a nice feature piece for the bedroom or bathroom.. Enjoy..

Click on the links for instructions..

I am so in love with this magazine rack.. and look how easy is it to make it!! The perfect spot for all those 'Real Living' magazines!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

Ahhh finally a spot for all my vases.. What a great way to display multiple vases and bring colour to the room with flowers.. This wooden planter box could be filled with glass cases, tall round candles or plant succulents in it and put it on the outdoor table.. Enjoy..

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