Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mothers Day.. Oh the places we will go..

Well its Mothers Day tommorrow so hopefully you have a card and pressie organised, and have all the ingredients for a great 'breaky or brunch' for her.. 

Lastly, you need to make sure she spends her day doing what she loves.. After all it is 'her' day!!  Here are some great ideas as to where to take your mum and treat her like a princess..

To the movies.. 
Check out the line up of girly flicks and pick one which will give you all a good laugh (or cry!) or alternatively, let her stay in her PJ's, pop some popcorn and hire out a movie to watch at home..

For a high tea.. 
There are so many beautiful places offering this service now.. And you can't beat real tea-leaf tea served in a china teapot with a side of scones (and jam and cream of course).. The Rose Room at Noosa is my favourite.. they even have 1920's style hats and gloves for you to try on and get into the spirit!!
Check them out at

To a day spa.. 
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats a day at a day spa!! The white robes.. slippers.. endless cups of tea and to top it off a 1 hour (or more) massage.. need I say more? There are so many day spas to choose from across the coast..Check out this great blog post from The Brides Tree for Ikatan Day Spa at Doonan.. It looks so peaceful.. 

For a picnic.. 
The weather is perfect at the moment for an outdoor picnic.. Pick her favourite park or beach.. Make some lunch (or order a pre-done hamper from your local deli).. Pack a picnic rug (grab a pillow and a few mags for her too).. and let her relax.. Check out this delicious French picnic menu - it is sure to make you the favourite child!!

Or lastly you can just ask her what she wants to do.. but don't be shocked if she gives you these options!! 

Regardless, I hope you enjoy spoiling your mum this mothers day.. and if your a mum yourself, make sure you are waited on hand and foot as well.. Happy Mothers Day to all you beautiful mums.. You are amazing!!

(Me and my precious mum on my wedding day.. Love ya xx)

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