Thursday, 12 September 2013

A head for your bed..

There are so many choices out there these days.. So when it came to choosing a bedhead for our bed I couldn't make up my mind.. Until the coffee bags arrived.. Then 'ding' the light bulb came on and before you knew it we were installing our long awaited bedhead which was the finishing touch to our new room..

But I just couldn't keep this gem all to myself so Jode Designs is now selling Hessian Coffee Bag Bedheads.. They are a wooden base, dacron wrapped and come in all bed sizes.. They will be custom ordered and will take 2-4 weeks to produce..

Prices will be as follows:
Single Bedhead (90cm wide) - from $49.00
Double Bedhead (135cm wide) - from $69.00
Queen Bedhead (150cm wide) - from $99.00
King Bedhead (180cm wide) - from $119.00

Please don't hesitate to contact me at with any queries or to place an order.

One piece.. So many uses..

Well as you know here at Jode Designs we have gone 'Coffee Mad' and this piece is no exception.

One large ottoman which can be used as an extra seat, a coffee table or a foot rest. 
Covered with 'Cafes Do Brasil' coffee bags this ottoman measures 80cm x 75cm x 35cm with brown wooden legs.  A perfect piece for any room of the house! Enjoy..

The Lion.. The Witch and The Wardrobe..

Whenenver I see a free-standing wardrobe I just want to jump into it and see if it will take me off to a far away land.. Especially when I saw this original piece.

This beautiful one off piece is white in colour with a shabby chic look, gorgeous ornate trimmings, queen-anne legs and authentic door handles.  It measures 116.5cm x 183cm x 51.5cm.

A stylish wardrobe which would suit any bedroom, lounge room or nursery.. Enjoy..


We are home..

After a crazy start to the year.. Getting use to our family of four.. Putting an extension on our home.. Running two businesses.. and battling with sickness after sickness we took off for a three week, much needed break, to New Zealand.. Such a beauiful place, and if we could, we would of brought a bunch of furniture back to restore!! (Although we did bring home some great deer antlers!!)..

Now back home and back to reality.. The creative jucices are flowing and the paint brushes/sewing machines are getting a work out again.. So stay tuned for some exciting new stock..