Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Alot of cake.. Alot of tea.. Alot of love..

When my beautiful friend Ligre found out she was having another baby, I literally jumped at the chance to do a baby shower for her.. Knowing she was having a little girl helped theme the party (especially with lots of splashes of pink!!).. It was a cosy rainy afternoon which was the perfect weather for multiple cups of tea and lots of cake!! 

I designed and made these sweet little invitations which were wrapped in a gorgeous floral paper.. Each guest was asked to bring their favourite tea cup which ended up being a great talking piece on the day!

For the decorations, I continued the colours of the invitation papers throughout.. At the entrance there was pink and white pom poms across the door and little knitted slippers on the door handle.. As you came in there was  one of my favourite bible verses written on a blackboard plus other special baby things.. I also used my daughters antique pram as a place to put all the presents..

The food and drink tables were decorated with chevron fabric, hanging streamers, bottle vases with roses and other quaint little touches..

We had several different types of cakes to satisfy everybody's taste buds.. The main 'tiara' cake was chocolate mudcake, there was Lemon Ricotta cake GL, Cheesecake GL, Raspberry and white chocolate crumble cake, Carrot cake and banana muffins with honey/cinnamon icing.. We also had assorted biscuits, a fruit platter and a cheese platter.. For the teas we had French earl grey (my favourite!!), English breakfast, Camomile, Peppermint, Chai and Raspberry tea.. as well as hot chocolate, water and 'Preggatinis' (peach iced tea)..

As I wanted it to be a relaxing afternoon mingling, we did not play games.. So instead we had a table set up with 'Words of Wisdom' for baby Ward and 'Decorate a alphabet letter' for her to learn her ABC's..

Each guest got to take home a little 'Thank you' bag which had a pedicure set and pink toned nail polish in it!!

It was a beautiful afternoon celebrating a lovely lady and her little bundle.. It was so warming to watch a lady who does soooooo much for everyone else to sit down and receive the pampering for a change!!

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Step Right Up!!

For our sons first birthday party we decided to do a Circus theme.. 1) because I wanted to hire a balloon maker and 2) because most of the kids were a lot older and we thought we could entertain them with some classic circus games..

I got these gorgeous invites from Etsy.. I love how you can use your child's head on the characters body.. It gave everyone a good laugh!!

We dressed up Zion as a lion tamer, my daughter dressed up as a ballerina and my hubby and I dressed up as Ringmasters.. We also asked all the kids to come as their favourite circus characters and they all looked so sweet!!

We decided to have it at our home as we wanted to have hot dogs and sausage rolls for lunch.. At the entrance we pinned up signs on a tree, then we had a ticket booth and I made this cool '1' sign with pics of him over the last year..



At the present table we did up a blackboard sign with his name and birth details.. It was a cute little touch!

For all the signs and decorations we used bright colours (blue, red, yellow) with different patterns.. It certainly gave it a 'fun' feel..

We bought a popcorn and fairy floss machine to add the traditional 'circus' feel to the food.. We also served Strongmen dumbells (Fruit sticks), Caramel apples, Lion tamer whips (sour straps), Elephant pails (vegies and mayonnaise), Clown noses (Jaffas), Peanuts, Clow cupcakes, Hot Dogs and Sausage rolls.. For drinks we had juice and bottled water in a pail..

 I had so many ideas for the cake, but couldn't go past this gorgeous clown - perfect for a one year old!
The base was caramel mudcake with sprinkles and the head was a styrofoam ball iced (very cheeky and the kids got a little bit of a shock when I took it off to cut the cake :-/) 

For entertainment we hired the wonderful Tamara from The Face Painting People who made balloon animals for all the kids.. We had a couple of tables full of the 'classic' circus/fair games like knock down, ring toss, shoot a duck, ping pong bounce, and bean bag toss.. It kept all the kids amused for hours!! And we also had a 'kissing booth' which we got some sweet pics of the birthday boy and all his friends :-)

Each child went home with full bellies and a Popcorn goody bag with a clown nose, popcorn, circus tattoo, fun game, chocolate and lollies..

We had one very tired little one year old by the end of the day :-)