Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A little 1920's.. a little french..

I was very nervous about turning the big '30' so to keep my mind off it I decided to throw myself a party (weird I know!) but because I put all my energy into preparing for the party I didnt really think of anything else!!

I really wanted a dress-up party (because really how many chances do you get!!) and I wanted it to be VERY girly and elegant.. So I decided on a 1920's theme with a Alice in wonderland/French twist..

We hired out my friends parents amazing beach house for the weekend and threw the party on the Saturday night..

The entrance leading up to the house we had flamingos in the gardens, tealight candles in jars and signs saying 'this way' - 'that way'..

As you walked through the beautiful 'grand' door, inside I had hellium ballons with pictures of my life hung off them..

I also wanted pictures of all my guests dressed up so I did a 'picture guest book' as the walked in.. I got some great pics and lovely messages too!!

The colours throughout were pinks, browns and creams.. I put tealight candles around the luxurious pool and doily banners along the glass fence.. I hung pom poms from the ceiling and had quirky 'alice in wonderland' quotes in frames and cute glass vases with flowers on doilies on all the tables.. 

All the food had a French influence.. We served wooden platters full of bread, ham, cheese and condiments, Crème brulee, Chocolate croissants, Red velvet cake pops, Macaroons, Mixed nut scrolls, fruit tarts and French crepes with an array of toppings.. For drinks we served water and juice as it was BYO alcohol..  All the food was labelled with 'eat me' - 'drink me' signs which were placed on rolled forks (thanks to my handy hubby!!)


For the cake I made a sprinkle cake (not too bad for my first attempt!).. The bottom layer was caramel mudcake and the top layer was white chocolate mudcake.. I topped it off with a fondant tea cup and sparkly '30' numbers..

It was a wonderful night spent with all my dear family and friends.. Great costumes.. Heart warming speeches and little dancing!! 
The best way to turn 30!!

Each guest was able to fill a bag full of lollies from the Sweet Buffet on their way out too..

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