Thursday, 29 May 2014

New Stock to keep you going over the weekend!!

There is new stock up for sale in the Jode Designs store now.. Enjoy..

This gorgeously stylish restored white wooden chair with red velvet padding is the perfect one off piece for any lounge or bedroom.. Painted white with a shabby chic look. Original red velvet padding on base and top.It measures 580mm x 520mm x 880mm..
Pick up Marcoola Sunshine Coast. Enjoy..

This vintage red chest will add a splash of colour in any room..
Painted red with a shabby chic look. It is woven with timber trims and metal buckles..
It measures 600mm x 490mm x 320mm. it is lined with original paper lining..
Pick up from Marcoola Sunshine Coast only. Enjoy..

This Australia enamel sign is a rare and great industrial piece to have in your home..
Made from metal with enamel paint on top. It measures 900mm x 920mm..
Pick up Marcoola Sunshine Coast. Enjoy..

Think outside the square.. Fabulous filing cabinet..

I am just going to say it.. I hate the look of filing cabinets!! I seriously have NEVER found one that I liked.. but they really are an essential item in an office especially when you run a business..  After planning on re-decorating my own office (watch this space - one day I will get to do it!!) I found that there were some really great ideas on how to make a filing cabinet look stylish (oh my did I just say that!!)

IDEA ONE: Add a little fabric..
Covering your filing cabinet with fabric not only looks gorgeous but it also softens the hard edges of the steel corners.. Again the patterns are endless.. You can choose one to hide the filing cabinet or choose one which makes a feature out of it.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA TWO: Make a desk out of them..
This is a fantastic idea.. You could use wooden or metal filing cabinets.. Add a timber or glass top and whoa-la!! I love the way the filing cabinets are painted and given a shabby chic look.. If you are using metal cabinets you could just leave them as is and make a feature out of the top of the desk.. Or you could mix it up with the other ideas below!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA THREE: Paint it with chalkboard paint..
So did I tell you how much of an obssession I have with chalkboard paint? (I seriously have a problem) but look how stylish this chalk board filing cabinet is?! And also great for writing appointments or reminders on!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA FOUR: Add some texture..
Decorating a filing cabinet with texture will not only add comfort but can transform the look of a 'filing cabinet' to a 'piece of furniture'.. You could use textured wallpaper, fabric or you can be that extra inventive and use pressed metal panels.. And what a transformation you will make! Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA FIVE: Make it something else..
So what if you have an existing filing cabinet but you no longer use it? 
Well here is two ideas on how to transform it into something else.. 

Firstly, add a little spray paint and a little imagination and you get a funky bedside table.. This one is great for a boys room but you could certainly style yours to suit your room décor.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

Secondly, make a rolling kitchen cart.. Kitchen carts are an expensive but very useful item.. This idea will definitely cut down the price and will be a very sturdy and stylish item in your kitchen.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Think outside the square.. Stylish wardrobe..

A lot of older places these days don't have wardrobes in the bedroom.. Or very tiny ones! And using the portable hanging racks from the $2 shop are a little unattractive and look like they are going to collapse under weight!! 
So why not make one of your own and make an attractive 'out-in-the-open wardrobe' area..These ideas are also great if you are renting a house/room as you can take it with you from home to home!! Enjoy..

IDEA ONE: Build a plywood wardrobe with a planter..
This stylish wardrobe, made from plywood, also comes with a feature 'planter' hole at the top to had some nature into a room.. It features rod for all your hanging clothes and two shelves for your folded clothes and shoes etc.. You can leave it as is our paint it your favourite colour.. Enjoy..

Click on the link below for more information..

IDEA TWO: Build a steel pipe and wooden wardrobe..
This wardrobe is not only functional but also creates an industrial ambiance.. It has three heights which is great for longer clothing pieces.. a platform along the bottom and three cute shelves on the side perfect for all your accessories! Put heavy duty casters to provide mobility.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA THREE: Build a wardrobe with oak sticks and leather..
This modern looking wardobe is not only easy to make but can be easy folded up and stored.. Made from just oak stock and leather ribbon.. You can leave it natural or paint it to suit your style.. The top and side sticks make a great hat and bag rack too.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA FOUR: Build a wardrobe from a wooden ladder..
As you know I love to restore old pieces of furniture, so I really wanted to share this great idea with you.. Unfortunately this is not a portable wardrobe, but if you are in a position to drill into the wall (if renting please ask your landlord first!) this wardrobe would look fantastic!! You can pick up old wooden ladders from many markets or second-hand shops, add a bit of paint,then hang.. The ladder rungs are great for your hanging clothes.. you can also stack boxes etc above too.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA FIVE: Build a wardrobe from a tree branch..
You would of seen this idea in a few shops.. but I just couldn't go past it.. Again, you will need a bedroom which you can drill into the ceilings (sorry!!) Or you could make up some metal or timber holders for the branch.. You can paint the branch or leave it as is.. Try to get one with a few smaller branches attached for your accessories.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Think outside the square.. Modern mirrors..

We all have a mirror in the house which looks boring and old.. 
(Or if not you will find a few of them at your local second hand shop!)
So why not give it a modern make-over by adding these stylish trims..

IDEA ONE: Add some flowers..
This beautiful idea would be perfect for a little girls room, dressing table or even a bathroom mirror.. Choose the colours and patterns that suit your style.. I love how it is just down one side of the mirror - stylish but not too over-powering.. Enjoy..

Click on the link below for more information..

IDEA TWO: Wrap some rope around it..
This natural idea of wrapping rope around a mirror will give it a great nautical/beachy look.. Adaptable for a round or rectangle mirror.. Use raw our coloured rope to suit your style.. Enjoy.. 

Click on the link below for more information..

IDEA THREE:  Glam it up..
This stunning gold framed mirror is made from dowel sticks (at different sizes) and spray paint.. Use a round mirror to get that 'Starburst' look.. or change the colour to suit your home.. This idea is not only cost affective but it looks so gorgeous.. Enjoy..

Click on the link below for more information..

IDEA FOUR: Frame it with wood..
Using two different types of wood, you could transform your mirrors from old and drab to new and fab! 
Firstly driftwood.. I love driftwood and since we live near the beach this material is right at our finger tips.. Check out this 'Starburst' mirror using bits of driftwood found ashore.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for more information..

And if you can't get your hands on some driftwood then why not take your anger out on this distressed timber frame for a mirror.. And enjoy the stress relief while creating it!!

Click on the link for more information..

IDEA FIVE: Give it a good paint..
You know a coat of paint will give any item a new look.. So here are two different ways of painting your framed mirror to give it a new life.. Enjoy..

By gently adding a layer of paint over the edges of the frames pattern, then giving it a soft wipe, you can create this gorgeous 'shabby chic' look..

Click on the link for more information..

Or if you want to give it a more solid look, then use a thicker paint brush or spray paint the frame in your desired colour..

Monday, 26 May 2014

Think outside the square.. Beautiful bookcases..

Everyone has or is in need of a bookcase.. They are one of my biggest selling furniture pieces.. Here are a few ideas on how to revamp your old one or create one using recycled materials which are probably floating around your home!.. 

IDEA ONE: Make a feature backing..
Whether you use wallpaper, timber panels or paint.. adding a feature backing to your existing bookcase will turn it into modern and stylish piece.. If your feeling very adventurous you could also paint the frame in a contrasting colour to make it really stand out! Enjoy..

Click on the links below for more information..

IDEA TWO: Spray paint it..
If you have one of those old metal or cane bookcases and you just don't know what to do with it.. Then why not give it a new life with a fresh coat of spray paint.. You can make it a colour that pops.. or go a more sleek look by painting it metallic gold or silver.. Enjoy..

Click on the link below for more information..

IDEA THREE: Make a desk out of it..
Similiar idea as the filing cabinet desk.. you could put two smaller ones (or cut one large one in half), use it at either end and place a table top on them or you could use one tall one and slide the table table through the middle.. Both ways look great and are very useful for all your 'study/business' needs.. Enjoy.. 

Click on the links below for more information..

IDEA FOUR:  Create something new from old..
This is my favourite part of restoring.. Being able to look at a piece of furniture, which may have been created for one us but with a little imagination, can be transformed into something completely different.. These nest two ways let you transform a new bookshelf from an old wooden door and some old wooden coffee tables.. Enjoy..

Click on the links for more information..

IDEA FIVE: Get an industrial look..
A bookcase doesn't just have to look rectangular and be made from timber.. These industrial looking bookcases will really make a statement in any room and are quite easy to make.. Made from materials you can pick up at your local hardware or scrap metal yard.. Add some paint or leave as is - whatever your style!.. Enjoy..

Clcik on the links below for more information..

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Think outside the square.. Feature fridge....

We all have an item around the home that still works or is too expensive to replace but unfortunately it has grown tired and no longer suits your style.. 

Why not think out side the square and give it a revamp!! 

This week on Jode Designs we will go through 5 different items around the home and we will show you a few ways to make something that looks tired and cluttered to look brand new once again.. Enjoy..

The first item is an absolute essential piece to every home.. And one that you can actually use for years on end.. The Refrigerator.. 

IDEA ONE: Use removable wall paper.. 
There are so many great patterns to choose from in wallpaper these days.. Removable wall paper is a plastic base so it is so easy to put on stainless steel etc.. 
And if you change your mind in a year or two then just peel it off and do it again with another pattern!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA TWO: Paint it with chalkboard paint..
I, myself, have a little obsession with chalkboard paint so I love this idea.. 
It is great for writing grocery lists, appointments, things to do or even cute messages to your hubby and kids!! And you can get coloured chalkboard paint now so the options are endless!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA THREE: Paint it..
Bet you have thought of this idea before.. then paused and thought 'WHERE DO I BEGIN'.. 'WHAT TYPE OF PAINT DO I USE'.. 'OH THIS SEEMS TO HARD'.. then walked away.. right? Well here is some great detailed step-by-step instructions which will have your fridge looking like new in now time.. PS Don't you just love that turquoise colour?! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA FOUR: Place your photos on it..
This is a very simple yet very affective idea.. You could put your 'old favourites' photos up or change them often depending on the seasons of you life.. Go for colour photos to brighten up your kitchen of choose black and white to make it more modern.. Your fridge will become the talking piece rather then a box where you store food!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

IDEA FIVE: Put a decal on it..
If you don't want to totally transform your fridge but still want to revamp it, why not put a wall decal on it.. There are so many to choose from these days.. From the Eiffel Tower.. to scripted quotes..chalkboard sections.. or comedy ones to get a laugh..  They are easy to apply and are also removable.. If you are feeling very inventive why not paint your fridge like in IDEA THREE then put a decal on for the extra WOW factor.. Enjoy..

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Colour Week.. Radiant Orchid..

Last day of colour week at Jode Designs.. 

Today's colour is Radiant Orchid.. Enjoy..

The meaning of Radiant Orchid is..
'Transformation, being of service, forgiveness, prayer'

Be vibrant with Radiant Orchid, Turquoise, Bright Blue and Grey..

Get the penthouse look with Radiant Orchid, White, Grey and Black..

Feel the romance with Radiant Orchid, Gold, Pink and Mauve..

Feed the soul with Radiant Orchid, Mint Green, Cream and Brown.. 

Immerse yourself with Radiant Orchid, Mustard Yellow, White and Grey..

(All photos are from Pinterest)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Colour Week.. Turquoise Blue..

Day Three of colour week at Jode Designs.. 

Today's colour is Turquoise Blue.. Enjoy..

The meaning of Turquoise Blue is..
'Playfulness, technology, mass communication, teaching, freedom, 
lives in the moment, balanced interdependence'

Set a mood with Turquoise Blue, Brown, Beige and Teal..

Go Bahamas Style with Turquoise Blue, Mustard Yellow, Green and Navy..

Feel cozy with Turquoise Blue, Orange, Beige and Brown..

Simply things with Turquoise Blue, White, Grey and Black..

Brighten your home with Turquoise Blue, Mustard Yellow, 
Fuchsia Pink and Bright Blue..

(All photos are from Pinterest)