Friday, 2 May 2014

She wanted to be a 'Princess' mermaid..

Since my daughter is getting a little bit older it is harder to choose a theme on my own :-) so for her 4th birthday party we had to do some compromising!! I really wanted to do a beach theme party as her birthday is in November which is great hot weather, perfect for the beach.. 
But she wanted a 'princess' theme (as all 4 year old girls love).. 
So we decided on a 'Mermaid Princess' theme.. 

Unfortunately we woke up to a very rainy day and ended up having the party at our house anyway (you cant predict these things!!) but never the less it was a good afternoon of food and fun!!

I really wanted to do an invite where I could involve Imogen in the process so we decided on doing these white invites and together we spent the afternoon decorating them with a 'glittery' mermaid tail..

I bought this gorgeous dress from Target, which I thought looked like a mermaid with a princess twist.. She adorned it with her new necklace, bracelet and 'princess' tiara :-)

The colours we used were Aqua blue, Purple and Silver with a lot of glitter!! The place was decorated with signs, pom poms, shells, starfish, anchors and coral - all to fit into the 'beachy theme'.. I also used an old suitcase and put netting in it to place all the presents..

The food and drinks tables were also adorned with netting, coloured sparkle material, shells, signs and placecards.. The food complimented the theme which included sharks teeth (cheese in triangles), Seaweed skewers (grapes on sticks), Sand dollars (chips), Sea sponges (marshmallows), Crab legs and arms and sea cucumbers with seaweed dip (capsicum/Carrot and cucumber sticks with spinach dip), Sea Pearls (chocolate balls), Ocean cups (Jelly with chocolate fish), Sand buckets (fruit), Clam shells (biscuits), Mermaid tails (cheesecake with sour straps) as well as snakes and musk sticks (Imogen's favourite lollies!).. The 'Mermaid Bar' had Fresh sea water and juice

For the cake I did a 'Sandcastle' with a mermaid barbie at the front.. The cake was purple and aqua spounge cake and banana cake.. It was such an easy cake to make as perfection wasn't need with the icing!!

Since it started to rain most of our 'fun beach games' went out the door but we still managed to amuse the kids!! They got to paint a ceramic creatures to take home, we played musical mermaids, limbo and went on a treasure hunt which we buried in the sand pit!! And it was full of lollies for them to take home..

For the goody bags each of the 'Mermaids' got mermaid tails and pearl necklaces and the 'Pirates' got pirate hats and a eye patch.. Imogen still dresses up in hers nearly everyday!!..

This little 'princess mermaid' was very tired after her big day.. 
Another one down - please stop growing!!

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