Monday, 12 May 2014

DIY Week.. Make a light that sets a mood..

Today's DIY projects are creating lights.. A light can set such a mood within your home.. some lights are bright, some are romantic and some are purely used for a beautiful feature.. Feast your eyes upon these beautiful lights and see which one you could create for your home.. Enjoy..

This cute lamp made from a glass jar would be great for a kids room or corner of the living room.. it is a perfect way to add a pop of colour, or fill the vase with shells/pinecones/beads and make a feature out of it!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

Who would of thought you could make such a gorgeous light with a balloon and some lace.. Use it in a nursery, lounge room or bedroom.. The reflection of the light off the lace is just mesmerizing.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

The perfect use of giving an old and un-used item a new life.. This music tripod lamp is such a good idea and gives off a great 'industrial' look.. Mix it up with a different coloured lamp shade or spray paint the legs to add some extra colour.. Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

Chandeliers are one of the most breath-taking and expensive lights you could own.. They make a great statement above a dining table or bed..  When I came across this easy to create beaded chandelier and I jst had to share it.. Granted it may take you a little longer then the others but I dont think you will disappointed!! Enjoy..

Click on the link for instructions..

A geometric pendant light.. sounds complicted right?! But with these simple instructions you could be handier than you think.. Made from wooden dowels you find at your local hardware.. add some wood stain or paint it your favourite colour and whoo-la!! I reckon it would like great painted bright yellow - Don't you?! Enjoy

Click on the link for instructions..

Lights that are only used as a feature on a wall are in great demand right now.. Here are two awesome ideas to choose from.. An illuminated canvas light or a marquee light.. Both equally creative.. both can be used in any room through out the house.. Enjoy..

Clink on the links for instructions..

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