Sunday, 18 May 2014

Colour Week..

There are so many beautiful colour tones to choose from these days.. 
And sometimes you can find the one you love, then you get overwhelmed as to what to put it with to complete the room..

This week at Jode Designs we will show how to get 5 looks from 1 colour..

The colours we will be focusing on are Coral, Turquoise Blue, 
Mustard Yellow and Radiant Orchid.. 

You can use a little or a lot of one colour in a room.. 
Don't always think that you need to paint just a feature wall to add a pop of colour.. You can add a furniture piece, wall art, rug, cushions or a lamp to bring the colour into the room.. Or if you want to be very daring and bold.. 
Paint all the walls bright and tone down your furniture pieces.. 
Have fun, think outside the square and remember you can always change it!! 

There are so many different tones of Coral.. 
Keep to just one or mix and match them to compliment each other..

Mustard Yellow is a very stunning and bold colour.. 
But it will brighten a room and bring warmth so don't be
 afraid to use a lot of it!!

Turquoise Blue is such a fresh colour.. Use it in a room where you spend most of your days and it will definitely lift your mood..

Radiant Orchid is such a stunning colour.. 
No wonder it made the 2014 colours list.. 
Just add a cushion of this colour oa couch and the room will be vibrant..

(All pictures are from Pinterest)

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