Tuesday, 17 June 2014

DIY Day.. What to do with books..

If your are a reader like me, you would also have a large collection of books lying around the home.. And although I do love to give them away or share them around, 
there are some that I just can't let go of! 
So instead of piling them in the corner and letting them gather dust - 
why not get your DIY on and make a creative display with them?!

Check out these cool ideas a on how to give your old books a new life.. Enjoy..


1) Make a lamp.. This would look great in a study, reading nook or as a bedside lamp.. 
The caged lamp shade looks great to - very industrial..

2) Make a clock.. You can buy clock mechanisms from your local Spolight or craft shop.. 
Stack 3 books side by side for a stand up clock, lay one book down flat for a single wall clock or gather lots of books and make a large wall clock..

Click on link for details.. 

3) Make a handbag.. How cute is this idea.. Love the wooden handles too..

Click on the link for details.. 

You could also use a smaller book and make a clutch to match!!

Click on the link for details.. 

4) Make a table.. I saw this table in the Real Living magazine a few months ago
 and fell in love with it.. A timber top would look great too.. 

Click on the link for details.. 

Stack some books up and screw some castor wheels on the base..
 Perfect for bedside tables too..

Click on the link for details..

5) Make a stool.. Perfect for extra seating.. You could also use old magazines!

Source unkown..

6) Make a bedhead or bed base..  You could also make the bedhead with closed books.. 
It would be a great way to add colour to a room.. 

Source unknown..

7) Make a bookshelf.. I have seen heaps of 'book' bookshelves with the books running horizontal but love this idea running them vertical.. The jackered edge at the bottom brings great texture too..

Click on the link for details.. Enjoy..

8) Make a feature out of an old chair.. This would be a great talking piece in any room of the house.. Will definitely have to give this one a go!

Click on the link for details.. Enjoy..

9) Make a mobile.. This would be gorgeous for a nursery or children's room.. Made out of there favourite bed time story.. that would be very special..

Click on the link for details.. Enjoy..

10) Make a planter.. Such a great idea to display on a coffee table or side table.. 
Use bonsai's, cactus's, succulents or ferns..

Click on the link for details..

11) Finally, display them in an artistic way.. 
This counter looks fantastic.. I love how they have used the paper side of the book..
 It displays a little bit of colour without being too over-powering..

Source unkown..

Pile then vertically and horizontally in an old fireplace or wall nook..

Click on the link for details.. Enjoy..

Stack them along your stairs to add colour and style..

Source unkown..

Make a feature wall out of them..

Source unkown..

Some very creative DIY options.. Now deciding which one to do!!..

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