Thursday, 19 June 2014

Celebrity style.. Celine Dion's home..

So the other day I was watching The Ellen Show (a very rare occasion trust me!!) and Celine Dion was on showing everyone her home in Florida which is for sale for $73 million bucks..

Oh my goodness, it is gorgeous!! I just had to share it with you.. Trust me you will want to go to the bank the next day and beg for a loan to buy it!! Enjoy..

Here is the aerial view.. Do you see how many pools they have? and that waterslide?!

Here is the front of the house by day.. and the back by night..

One of the lounge rooms..

The kitchen and breakfast room.. Love the couch chairs at the breakfast bar..

Here is the formal dining room.. And again lounges at the table.. Love!!..

This is the main bedroom.. Do you see the plasma on the roof?!..

The walk-in-robe.. apparently this is just a small part of it.. They also have a dry-cleaning rack and a rotating shoe holder to hold her 3000 pairs of shoes.. oh and that chandelier - how divine..

The ensuite.. big enough for two people?!

One of the guest bedrooms.. and balcony with a fireplace of course..

The casual dining room with plasma TV.. Just incase the football is on..

No pool is complete without a built in firepit..

And lets not forget the view.. If you can't find room in the many pools.. 
at least you have the beach to swim in! 

In all fairness though, I really adore Celine Dion.. She is a lovely person, brilliant singer and great entertainer.. And if I had the money she does, I would live in a place like this too.. Hope you enjoyed the tour and arent too jealous :-/

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