Thursday, 16 October 2014

Looking like a lady while working..

I must admit, I am a bit of a girly girl.. And since my job of restoring furniture doesn't exactly scream 'high class business women' with my old paint clothes, dusty hair from sanding and patches of splashed paint up my arms/legs.. 
Underneath I still like to look my best!

So lately, every 3 weeks, I book in a night of luxury and get me nails done.. I have always wanted to have lovely nails but unfortunately mine just don't get the chance to grow!! But I could only get them done with one warning from the hubby 'If you don't protect them then no more!!'.. Of course, I rolled my eyes like a teenager at him, but knew deep down that I would need to be that little bit EXTRA careful..

And that is why I now invest in gloves!! I use rubber gloves for my painting and Sandi Hands gloves for my sanding.. I love the Sandi Hands gloves the best as they are cotton and let the hands breathe while sanding but still protecting the nail.. Unfortunately the rubber painting gloves do heat up a bit but I don't want to give up on my luxury!! 

So take it from me.. You can definitely still sand, paint and restore furniture while looking glamorous underneath.. And for me that is a SERIOUS win, win situation!!

Here are my pretty nails :) Still trying to decide with which style I want next week!!

Here is me using Sandi Hands to protect my nails while sanding..

Here is me using the rubber gloves to protect my nails while painting..

And to finish, here is my little man helping me out with some sanding!!

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  1. Excellent blog Jo - Ladies can still be ladies with #Sandihands -